Thursday, July 9, 2015

Carl Pfeufer's DC Romance

One artist on a couple of romance stories at DC I felt I should be able to put a name to. It wasn't until I checked the Who's Who that the coin dropped and I got the name: Carl Pfeufer. I had seen some of his Sixties work on a few backups in the Harvey Thrillers—and on Super Green Beret at Lightning Comics. The tier below the "Two Hearts on a Tree" page is from Super Green Beret 2 (June/67).

Secret Hearts 121, Super Green Beret 2

The Who's Who has Pfeufer down for Secret Hearts but not for Falling in Love. It also credits him with work in Girl's Love Stories (likewise in 1967), but I haven't run across any of his stories there yet.

Carl Pfeufer at DC:
Falling in Love

Jan/67 88  Leave My Heart Alone

Secret Hearts

July/67 121  Two Hearts on a Tree

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  1. On my blog I have Carl Pfeuer's work on The Bantam prince from the early fifties and a later sf panel he did with Otto Binder in the late fifties/early sixties. Scroll through to the end for the last one.