Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1953/04

SSWS 14--Pitchfork Army
DC and Orbit are the companies buying the scripts.

The "$100,000 on Clark Kent's Head" syndicated strip sequence ends at eight weeks.

My transcriptions of William Woolfolk's records, to the end of his career in comic books, continue with May 1953 in this post. He began his records with September 1944 after a few years of writing comics; he didn't describe any story further than the feature name through December 1944. I began blogging these transcriptions with January 1945's, when he began putting in descriptions. But a list of the strips he was writing is better than nothing (and I can find the publication of one or two through number of pages or his style), so those four months of 1944 will be my posts when I return to this subject.

April 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  Superman syndicate 2nd week
Superman strip, May 25-30/53
10  I Put a Price on Love girl who takes men for all she can get
"I Put a Price on Love" Love Journal 21, Nov/53
Battle of the Alamo only the flag survives to tell the story
"Ghosts of the Alamo" All-American Men of War 7, Oct-Nov/53
Superman syndicate 3rd week
Superman strip, June 1-6/53
12  Superboy coronation of Lana Lang
"The Coronation of Lana Lang" Adventure 192, Sept/53
Superman syndicate 4th week
Superman strip, June 8-13/53
Farmers Can't Fight farmer vs. Hessians in the Revolutionary War
"Pitchfork Army" Star Spangled War Stories 14, Nov/53
Superman syndicate 5th week
Superman strip, June 15-20/53
Superman syndicate 6th week
Superman strip, June 22-27/53
Fighting Heart gal loves a prizefighter
10  "Fighting Heart" Love Diary 37, Oct/53
12  Superman syndicate 7th & 8th weeks
Superman strip, June 29-July 4, 6-11/53

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