Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/05

Blackhawk 60 'Crimson Hoods'

William Woolfolk entered the comic book scripts he sold in a notebook that, much later, Donna Woolfolk let Marc Svensson scan (thanks to both of them!). These May 1952 entries sold to Fawcett, Quality, and Orbit.

This month's are Woolfolk's final Blackhawk stories.

May 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. Robin Hood days
"In the Days of Robin Hood" CMJ 118, Apr/53
Blackhawk Guerrilla meeets Blackhawk
"Guerrilla—the Unknown Hero" BH 61, Feb/53
10  Man Who Broke the Black Hand "The Man Who Broke the Black Hand" Underworld Crime 7, Sep/53
Blackhawk terror of the Crimson Hoods
"Terror of the Crimson Hoods" BH 60, Jan/53
10  Killer from the Grave a dead gangster who comes back from lime pit
Mausoleum of Weird Crimes "Make Way for Murder" Wanted 50, Oct/52
Captain Marvel Jr. werewolf of London
"CMJ and the Werewolf of London" CMJ 117, Feb/53
Captain Marvel Jr. mad Mongol monster
"CMJ Battles the Mad Mongol Monster" CMJ 115, Nov/52
Ibis the thing from the deep
"Ibis and the Man-Eater from the Deep" Whiz 154, Apr/53
Lady—or the Tigress? a woman who is both
"Lady or the Tigress?" This Magazine Is Haunted 9, Feb/53
Devil's Mask if evil, face changes to that of the mask
"Devil's Mask" TMIH 9, Feb/53
Forbidden to Love modern Romeo & Juliet
Love Journal


  1. "Forbidden to Love" is in LOVE DIARY #21.

  2. That one was cover-dated October 1951, and it wasn't a Romeo-Juliet story. The protagonist felt she couldn't love a man she'd heard was still in love with the fiancée who left him.

    Since the title had been used there, I assume editor Ray Mann changed this story's. I can't find a match for the description in LOVE DIARY, so I figure it's in A LOVE ROMANCE that I haven't seen (one of many).

  3. Most likely, the one I cited was a reprint.

  4. Wondering if it's "Forbidden to Love" from FIRST ROMANCE MAGAZINE #17?

    1. This is one of the pages where Woolfolk has IDed the buyers by an initial, and he has this story down as R for Rae Herman, like the WANTED one. If there were some bare possibility of Orbit's selling the script to Harvey, as happened to Bruce Hamilton with other publishers, still the boy doesn't have any family for there to be a feud in the Harvey "Forbidden to Love," so I can't see it as a Romeo and Juliet take-off.