Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/04

Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality.

By "editorial work," I would think Woolfolk means rewriting. "My Cruel Lover" is not a title recorded in earlier months, but other editorial work has been paid at $12.50 a page, and this, like a later Wanted revision that I can recognize as a Woolfolk to begin with (in fact "Cult of Killers"), is paid at $10.

Wanted 52

April 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. the great vacuum
"CMJ and the Great Vacuum" CMJ 118, Apr/53
The Brute I Loved society gal and steel worker
"The Brute I Loved" Love Diary 34, Apr/53
Doll Man emerald eye of evil
"The Emerald Eye of Evil" DM 43, Dec/52
Doll Man Satan's sculptor
"Satan's Sculptor" DM 43, Dec/52
editorial work on "My Cruel Lover" "My Cruel Lover" L Diary 30, Aug/52
10  Plastic Man a stairway into madness
"The Stairway to Madness" PM 39, Jan/53
Captain Marvel Jr. becomes funniest looking boy in world
"CMJ Becomes the Funniest Looking Boy in the World" CMJ 117, Feb/53
10  Ghost Riders in the Sky dead sheriff & deputies track down a killer
"Phantom Riders in the Sky" Strange Stories from Another World 4, Dec/52
Ibis things in the fog
"The Things in the Fog" Whiz 153, Jan/53
10  Cult of Death true crime of religious cults
8  "Cult of Killers" Wanted 52, Feb/53
Ken Shannon blood on the ruby necklace
"Necklace of Blood" KS 9, Feb/53
Captain Marvel Jr. the microscopic space ship
"CMJ and the Lost Space Ship" CMJ 117, Feb/53
Blackhawk vampire men
"Vampire Men of Kunwalo" BH 60, Jan/53


  1. And if anyone has a copy of WHIZ #153, scan it and get it to the Digital Comic Museum post haste!

  2. Yes--you can see that on other Junior and Ibis stories I've been adding the hero's name to the title if that's the way it's presented, but I haven't seen the WHIZ 153 Ibis story to confirm if it was done there.

  3. Martin, I am rather puzzled why Woolfolk's DC credits for the 1940s/early 1950s (according to the GCD) aren't showing up in his personal records.

    Unless the GCD, or its contributors have it wrong?

  4. Lee, since the GCD sometimes doesn't tell where the attributions came from, I'll have to admit that a number of those were picked up from my earliest attempts at author-spotting. Anything not on these records should be discounted. I believe there's mainly one scripter--not one of the ones known to be there like Edmond Hamilton or Alvin Schwartz--whose work I lumped in with Woolfolk's.