Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/11

William Woolfolk's only pirate story: Buccaneers took over the numbering of Kid Eternity back at the end of 1949 but this is its final issue.

Otherwise, an unsurprising month, with Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality the publishers he sold to.

As with earlier months, I'll say the 2-page "Dorothy (Woolfolk)'s love story" means the plot for a story she scripts.

I can't find a Captain Marvel Jr. "invisible moon" story, and wondered at first if it was a duplicate entry for this month's later "moon on fire" story, but they're very different lengths and the fire story has nothing to do with invisibility. UPDATE: darkmark tracked it down--and later he found the Monte Hale story.

November 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. slave of the genii
"A Slave of the Genie" CMJ 102, Oct/51
Dorothy's love story Love Diary
10  Blackhawk man who owned BH Island
"The Man Who Owned Blackhawk Island" BH 41, June/51
10  King of the Numbers exposé of the numbers racket
"Owney Mattern, King of the Numbers" Wanted 36, Apr/51
12  Wild Bill Pecos marshal of Tombstone City
"Marshal of Tombstone City" The Westerner 35, Apr/51
Black Roger lady in the iron mask
"Lady in the Iron Mask" Buccaneers 27, May/51
10  Captain Marvel Jr. the invisible moon
"CMJ and the Ghost of Sivana Jr." CMJ 99, July/51
Monte Hale the town hero
"MH and the Town Hero" Western Hero 104, July/51
Love Thief a befriended gal who turns out to be a bitch
"Love Thief" L Diary 15, Apr/51
12  Blackhawk terror from the catacombs
"Terror from the Catacombs" BH 43, Aug/51
Captain Marvel Jr. a whole edition of a newspaper is stolen
"CMJ and Headline of Horror" Marvel Family 60, June/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the sea of space
"CMJ and the Sea of Space" CMJ 101, Sept/51
Captain Marvel Jr. moon on fire
"CMJ and the Moon on Fire" CMJ 97, May/51


  1. The "invisible moon" story is "The Ghost of Sivana, Jr." from CMJ #99, in which an invisible moon does figure in the story.

  2. So it is. After looking at the story, I think "The Ghost of Sivana Jr." is the better title.

  3. "The Town Hero" is from WESTERN HERO #104.