Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/10

Blackhawk 41 cover--Flying Tanks

William Woolfolk's scripts were bought by Orbit, Fawcett, and Quality in October.

No surprises in the line-up of features here...

To repeat, Marc Svensson scanned these pages some time ago from the records book loaned him for the purpose by Donna Woolfolk. My additions of publication data and the occasional changed page length are in bold.

UPDATE: darkmark supplied the Monte Hale info in his comment.

October 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg  Wild Bill Pecos hollow logs have guns for Indians
"WBP Battles Chief Angry Sun" The Westerner 34, Mar/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the homeless ghost
"CMJ and the Homeless Ghost" CMJ 101, Sept/51
10  Captain Marvel Jr. the crime chariot
11  "CMJ Battles the Crime Chariot" CMJ 98, June/51
Wild Bill Pecos return of Kid Runt
"The Return of Kid Runt" The Westerner 34, Mar/51
Wild Bill Pecos the mystery bandit
"The Mystery Bandit" The Westerner 35, Apr/51
10  The Arson Racket fires are set to collect insurance
"The Arson Racket" Wanted 35, Mar/51
12  Blackhawk the sky tanks
"Battle of the Sky Tanks" BH 41, June/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the sinister snow
"CMJ Battles the Sinister Snow" CMJ 97, May/51
Invisible Gas killer doesn't know gas was turned off
"The Invisible Gas" Wanted 36, Apr/51
Monte Hale dead man's treasure
"Dead Man's Treasure" Western Hero 103, June/51
Ibis Karnak & the plant men
"Ibis Battles the Plant Men" Whiz 134, June/51


  1. The Monte Hale story is from WESTERN HERO #103. Title is on the cover.

  2. It certainly is--I've updated to fit.