Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/01

Not much has changed over the fourteen months whose records are unavailable: Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality are still William Woolfolk's publishers. The only entries out of the ordinary are the Rocky Lane western instead of a Monte Hale, and the biography of champion boxer Joe Louis.
Joe Louis 1 cover

If we go by his track record before and after this interregnum, I'd guess that during it Woolfolk wrote all the Ibis stories in Whiz 110-124 and close to all of the Wild Bill Pecos stories in The Westerner 21-27; moreover, that he had stories in every issue of Wanted 21-26. By this point he's selling Captain Marvel Jr. scripts every month.

UPDATE: Since posting, I found which issue the Rocky Lane story was published in.

January 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. house feuds with Jr.
    "Feud with a House" CMJ 89, Sept/50
Rocky Lane Rocky Lane's bodyguard
  "RL and His Bodyguard" RL Western 17, Sept/50
Wild Bill Pecos his blood brother
    "Blood Brother" The Westerner 28, Sept/50
Doll Man curse placed on family of Danes
  "You Shall Die by Fire" DM 29, July/50
Captain Marvel Jr. trublins—little elves who cause accidents to Freddy
    "The Trublins" Marvel Family 50, Aug/50
Ibis Davy Jones locker & pirates escape
    "Davy Jones' Locker" Whiz 125, Sept/50
Mania for Murder man is made to believe he is mad killer
    "Mania for Murder" Wanted 27, July/50
Plastic Man meets Mr. Aqua
    "Mr. Aqua" PM 25, Sept/50
14  Joe Louis book childhood & amateur days
    [untitled 1st story] Joe Louis 1, Sept/50
10  The Devil to Pay Vannie Higgins had too many enemies
    "The Devil to Pay" Wanted 27, July/50
18  Joe Louis book The Brown Bomber, world's champion
    [untitled 2nd story] Joe Louis 1, Sept/50
letter from Joe Louis [text] Joe Louis 1, Sept/50
12  Marvel Family school for witches
    "The School for Witches" [Chapters 1-2] MF 52, Oct/50

Woolfolk's writing this Marvel Family script happens to fall on the end of the month; he begins February writing its final chapter.


  1. When did Woolfolk start working for DC? The Grand Comics Database has DC Woolfolk credits earlier than 1950 (some of them coming from you).

  2. After one Wonder Woman in 1948 (it's on Julius Schwartz's records of payments for his and Robert Kanigher's books), Woolfolk's stories at DC begin with April 1953 issues. When I first attributed Superman and Batman stories, I found a number of Woolfolk's correctly, as his records have shown, but erred on the side of crediting him with some by other writers. The GCD will want to clean out the driftwood when these blog entries get to that point, but yes, DC stories other than that WW before '53 are false positives.