Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/02

Modern 101 cover
To repeat the background: through the good graces of Donna Woolfolk, Marc Svensson some time ago scanned William Woolfolk's original records of his comic-book script sales in the Golden Age. Bold additions are my tracking down (or making a best guess at) where the stories were published.

Publishers this month: Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality.

The only place I can imagine the boxing bout text piece fitting is on the inside covers of Joe Louis 1, which I haven't seen but whose 36 pages already contain a front cover, 32 pages of comics, and a letter ghosted for Louis. Woolfolk writes issue 2's text piece in May.

UPDATE: I guessed the Monte Hale gold rush story for one called "The Great Gold Strike" only to find after posting that I'd gotten its date wrong; Monte Hale Western 40 was published long before this story was written. LATEST UPDATE: darkmark found it.

February 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  Marvel Family school for witches chapter
"The School for Witches" [Chapter 3]
MF 52, Oct/50
10  Death Always Knocks Twice strong man killer—poisons self in mistaken belief cops are after him
9  "Death Always Knocks Twice" Wanted 27, July/50
How to Box "Victory for Jimmy" Joe Louis 2, Nov/50
Corbett vs. Jeffries bout fiction yarn [text] Joe Louis 1, Sept/50
Monte Hale fake gold rush to raise price of beef
"MH Battles the Great Hunger" Western Hero 94, Sep/50
26  Joe Louis book champion of champions
[untitled story] Joe Louis 2, Nov/50
13  Blackhawk creatures from outer space
"Creatures from Outer Space" Modern 101, Sept/50
Captain Marvel Jr. battle of birds and beasts
"The Battle of the Birds and Beasts" CMJ 90, Oct/50
10  Wild Bill Pecos school for outlaws
"School for Outlaws" The Westerner 28, Sept/50
10  Captain Marvel Jr. meets the ice monster
"The Giant Ice Monster" CMJ 91, Nov/50
10  Death Trap man sets a death trap in which he meets his own death
"Death Trap" Wanted 28, Aug/50

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  1. The fake gold rush starring Monte Hale is "Monte Hale Battles the Great Hunger" from WESTERN HERO #94.