Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writers: Batman 141-150

Batman 146 cover: The Deadly Curse of Korabo Bill Finger is the main Batman writer at this point, but not the only one. The sound effects Whapp or Whammp, and the spelling "Aaah" instead of "Ahhh," among other indications, show Jerry Coleman scripting. I had assumed Finger wrote all the Bat-Mite stories in Batman and Detective until I saw "Batman and Robin's Magical Powers"; Coleman, as I'd seen earlier, wrote Bat-Mite in a couple of World's Finest team-ups with Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The expression "Jumping Jonah" appears in the three stories I've attributed here to Arnold Drake. See also, among others, the splash page of "Captives of the Alien Hunter" in Challengers of the Unknown 25, April-May/62. The "Ayeee" in "The Deadly Curse of Korabo" is another clue to Drake.

Except for 148/1 and 150/3 (pencils by Jim Mooney and inks by Sheldon Moldoff), art is by Moldoff, penciller, and Moldoff and Charles Paris, inkers on different stories. Dick Dillin pencilled the covers of  143 and 150.

Batman 141-150 Writers

Aug/61 141  The Crimes of the Clockmaster Jerry Coleman
The Race of Death Bill Finger
Batwoman's Junior Partner Finger
Sept/     142  Batman's Robot-Guardian Finger
The Crimes of the Ancient Mariner Finger

Ruler of the Bewitched Valley Finger
Nov/     143  The Twice-Told Tale of Batman and Robin Finger
The Blind Batman Arnold Drake
Bat-Hound and the Creature Finger
Dec/     144  The Alien Feud on Earth Finger
The Man Who Played Batman Drake
Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl Finger
Feb/62 145  Hunt for Mr. 50 Finger
The Tiniest Villain in the World Finger
The Son of the Joker Finger
Mar/     146  Batman and Robin's Magical Powers Coleman
The Secret of the Leopard Boy Finger
The Deadly Curse of Korabo Drake
May/     147  The Plants of Plunder Finger
The Secret of Mystery Island Finger
Batman Becomes Bat-Baby Finger
June/     148  The Alien Force Twins Coleman

The Boy Who Was Robin Finger
The Joker's Greatest Triumph Finger
Aug/     149  The Maestro of Crime Coleman
The Invaders from the Past Coleman
Batman Tunes In on Murder Coleman
Sept/     150  The Secret behind the Stone Door Finger
The Girl Who Stole Batman's Heart Coleman
Robin, the Super Boy Wonder Finger

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