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Woolfolk Records 1948/05

Monte Hale Western 32 cover
Fawcett, Quality, and Orbit are the familiar publishers here.

Monte Hale stories aren't that easy to track down, with his comics spottily collected or indexed; but this will be one of William Woolfolk's frequent assignments for four years. I did find one of this month's five in Real Western Hero; the unindexed Monte Hale Western 32 came out in the same month. These descriptions don't fit any of the story titles indexed in 31. UPDATE: darkmark IDed two of the Monte Hale stories, #32 having since been indexed on the GCD. I've corrected my transcription of "overage" here, which I'd put down as "average." Now that I've seen the issue itself, I can add the other two stories. "Indian chief" might be better described as "Indian warrior," but a chief is a character in it.

Likewise these Wanted stories fit between known stories in issues 15 and 17. They may have been published under titles other than Woolfolk's. UPDATE: They were. Now that I've seen Wanted 16, I've changed the titles here as the editors did there, and added the text story title.

May 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Captain Marvel the chameleon stone
"The Chameleon Stone" CM Advs 91, Dec/48
Marvel Family world's greatest magician
"The World's Greatest Magician" MF 30, Dec/48
14  Doll Man Undertaker's coffin crimes
"Coffins for Crime" DM 20, Jan/49
Woozy becomes general of a S. American country
"Commander in Chief" Plastic Man 15, Jan/49
Ibis the skull of a sorcerer
"The Skull of Evil" Whiz 105, Jan/49
Monte Hale crooked judge runs town
"Outlaw Town" Real Western Hero 74, Jan/49
15  The Musical Murders a mad pianist
"The Musical Demon" Wanted 16, Nov/48
Monte Hale the overage sheriff
"The Over Age Sheriff " MH Western 32, Jan/49
Monte Hale outlaw stallion
"Pardner--Outlaw Stallion" MH Western 32, Jan/49
12  Plastic Man Beau Brummel
"Beau Crummel" PM 15, Jan/49
Monte Hale alone with 5 killers
"Terror Trek" MH Western 32, Jan/49
Monte Hale Indian chief
"Tribe of the Tomahawk" MH Western 32, Jan/49
10  Double for Death playwright becomes character he writes about
"Double for Destiny" Wanted 16, Nov/48
fiction "What Happened to the Cyclops?" [text] Wanted 16, Nov/48

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  1. Both Monte Hale stories are indeed from MONTE HALE WESTERN
    #32. Average Sheriff is really "The Over-Age Sheriff".