Friday, January 4, 2019

Charles Nicholas Helps Out...Someone Other Than Sal Trapani

Jon D'Agostino signed the covers of Charlton's Archie type, Freddy, and you can follow his style into the stories themselves--most of them, but not all. This tier is from the last story in Freddy 46 (Dec/64): "Bargain Buck Daze." D'Agostino's art is reminiscent of early Stan Goldberg.

Freddy 46 Bargain Buck Daze

This page is from that issue's first story, "The Winner." First compare the flagmen in the two stories, but the policeman's straight-at-the-camera pose in both of his panels is the obvious giveaway for Charles Nicholas' pencils under D'Agostino's inks.

Freddy 46 The Winner

I haven't the full Freddy collection, but I think other issues bear a look too for some penciling help.

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