Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Mort Meskin at Dell/Western

Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson collaborated on signed stories elsewhere, like The Black Terror at Standard, so Meskin's helping out Robinson at Western/Dell is not coming out of left field. This one issue is the only instance of Meskin's work there that I've seen so far.

This would be the "other hands" on Silvertip that I mentioned in my post about Kubert and Kinstler at Western/Dell.

Silvertip in Four Color
Pencils by Mort Meskin
Inks by Jerry Robinson

Sept/57 835  The False Rider ifc intro
The False Rider


  1. That's a surprise! Some panels it even seems Robinson is back to his old Meskin/Robinson inking style!

  2. Yes, Robinson doesn't seem to be trying to hide the penciller here as much as he does on ghosts like Sekowsky.