Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pete Riss Draws Mike Barnett and/or Mike Danger

I noticed at separate times that these Fawcett stories were by Pete Riss and that the first two Mike Danger stories in Charlton's Danger and Adventure (#24 and 25) were by him too. Since the earlier issues of the Charlton title contained Fawcett inventory material, I figured the Mike Danger stories were from that company, but off the top of my head couldn't figure where.

When they bought material from Fawcett, of course Charlton didn't get the rights to TV character Mike Barnett. They pulled a Windy and Willy on him in these reprints. When I finally connected the stories, I saw that the Grand Comuics database IDed the retitled Charlton story "The Racing Stable Mystery" (D & A 24, June/55) as reprinting "Death Goes to the Races" but didn't give the source of "The Mint of Dr. Dionysus" (D & A 25, Aug/55), which wasn't retitled.

The first two Johnny Adventure stories, in those same issues, look like they were lifted from Alex Raymond's Jungle Jim, and I have no idea whatsoever if it was directly, or from where.

Pete Riss Art
on Mike Barnett, Man Against Crime

Dec/51 Kill the Umpire!

The Mint of Dr. Dionysus
Feb/52 Mike Barnett, Man Against Crime and the Mystery   of the Blue Madonna

The Lead Poison Cure
Apr/     Death Goes to the Races
Jun/     The Case of the Old Hobo


  1. As for the second reprint...cut me some slack, Martin! I can't catch 'me *all*!

  2. Both of them slid right past me until, finally, this month--I didn't catch either of them.