Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pete Riss Candy

Candy 1 The Firebug

Pete Riss does a few Candy stories at Quality when there are suddenly more needed—she gets her own book in addition to her feature in Police Comics. (Riss doesn't have any Candys in Police that I can see.)

I'd say the feature's main artist, Harry Sahle, is inking at least the faces of Candy and her boyfriend Ted on these stories. On the archery story in #10 and the love in the stars one in #11 it looks more as if he's doing full inks over Riss pencils, but one or two minor characters like a soda jerk are distinctively Riss's, and in a few long shots Candy's arms look like hinged sticks. Sahle signs many of his solo stories, but he signs none of these—they're not being ghosted per se.

There are other stories in this run that strike me as not penciled by Sahle (one between these two in #11, for instance), but I have no idea who the pencillers other than Riss might be.

Pete Riss
Candy Pencils

Autumn/47 [The Firebug] "Gee, Ted..."
[The Book Shop] "Isn't it wonderful..."
Feb/49 [Babysitting Caspar] "I'm glad..."
June/     10  [Archery] "Tina, why..."
Aug/     11  [Phineas Burnham, the Circus Man] "Candy! That tiger..."

[True Love in the Stars] "They say..."
Oct/     12  [Buying Herman a Car] "Candy, when I..."


  1. The key to understanding the artists on Candy during this time, is determining exactly when Harry Sahle died. Wikipedia say c1954, His family stated c1950. He stopped drawing the comic strip version in 1945 which was about when Gil Kane says that he died ("during the war"). Police #58 (Sept 1946) contains the last signed Sahle story - which may or may not mean something... And thanks for IDing one of those Candy ghosts!

  2. Jake Oster has passed along a link to a post by Alex Jay-- Sahle's obituary for September 22, 1950 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

    Jake suggests Gil Kane could have meant the Korean War.