Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Who Expected This Artist Here?

Two stories among the Dick Giordano/Vince Colletta ones at early-Sixties Timely-Atlas-Marvel have probably passed as Giordano's pencil work because like his they whisper "Charlton" to the reader's subconscious. For comparison with "No Dates for the Dance," the bottom tier with a typical pose is from the latter company's The Young Doctors 1 (Jan/63), inked by Vince Alascia.

Charles Nicholas otherwise last worked for Timely in the Forties. I don't know if you'd actually call this ghosting for Colletta, considering Dick Giordano got to sign some of his stories in the run. But I doubt editor Stan Lee directly poached Nicholas here. As Mark Evanier has pointed out (concerning Joe Orlando's bringing in Jerry Grandenetti's work), editors were probably just as happy to trust some artists like Orlando and Colletta to do all the work of subcontracting the pencils.

Charles Nicholas pencils, Vince Colletta inks

Love Romances

Sep/60 89  No Dates for the Dance

Teen-Age Romance

Sep/60 77  The Mistake of Mary Dixon

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