Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/02

Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality: buyers of the scripts this month.

S.O.S. for Love is a continuing department with no individual story titles.
William Woolfolk used the concept of a riverman battling a construction project a few years earlier in Plastic Man 12 (July/48), but this Ibis story is otherwise entirely new; the two rivermen have very different origins.

UPDATE: darkmark found the first two Love Journal stories here.

CMJ 115--Thousand-Eyed Idol

February 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

8 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. train that left the Earth
"CMJ and the Train That Traveled through Space" CMJ 114, Oct/52
S.O.S. for Love a girl whose guy hugs the limelight
[untitled SOSFL] Love Journal 14, June/52
Ibis the weeds that could think
"Ibis and the Menace of the Horror Weeds" Whiz 150, Oct/52
Second-Best Love girl forced to date friend of the family
"Second Best Love" L Journal 15, Aug/52
Ibis the amazing riverman
"Ibis Battles the Amazing Riverman" Whiz 151, Nov/52
Captain Marvel Jr. city in the maelstrom
"CMJ and the City in the Maelstrom" CMJ 119, June/53
Blackhawk. last stand on Suicide Island
"Last Stand on Suicide Island" BH 58, Nov/52
10  Love Vampire crippled sister who steals man from heroine
"Love Vampire" L Journal 15, Aug/52
editorial work on story for Ray Hermann
Doll Man diary of a dead man
"Diary of Death" DM 41, Oct/52
editorial work for Ray Hermann
Doll Man the spectre in steel
"The Spectre in Steel" DM 41, Oct/52
Captain Marvel Jr. 1000 eyed idol of doom—whose eyes are flying saucers
7  "CMJ and the Thousand Eyed Idol of Doom" CMJ 115, Nov/52
Hot Rod Killers only nurses get murdered
"Hot-Rod Killers" Wanted 49, Sept/52
Dead Man's Revenge a man caught by corpse of man he killed
Mausoleum of Weird Crimes "Eyes of Vengeance" Wanted 49, Sept/52