Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/08

Monte Hale Western 75 The Man Who Cried Murder

Captain Marvel Jr. 108 is the point in the Grand Comics Database records at which my William Woolfolk CMJ credits from his writing style came from a run I'd seen on Jerry Bails' microfilm.

I can't find "Sky High Witness" in Wanted, the book for which, judging by the pay rate as well as the genre, it was intended. A few Orbit scripts were held back for rewrites (Woolfolk will note rewriting some himself), and the magazine's cancellation may have come before this one was judged ready.

August 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Monte Hale man exchanges his identity for a killer's
MH Western
10  Blackhawk the earth planes
"The Hell Divers" BH 49, Feb/52
The Last Supper guy he envies is having last meal in death house
"His Last Meal" Wanted 49, Sept/52
T-Man to get shipment of grain to India
"The Devil's Agent" Police 113, Mar/52
Captain Marvel Jr. world's mightiest whale
8  "CMJ and the World's Mightiest Whale" CMJ 107, Mar/52
Captain Marvel Jr. world of Babel
8  "CMJ and the World of Babel" CMJ 108, Apr/52
Sky High Witness man on bridge girder to lose assassin
10  Doll Man horror weed, the world's worst narcotic
"The Death Drug" DM 39, Apr/52
Monte Hale man who cried murder
"The Man Who Cried Murder" MH Western 75, Aug/52
Passion's Fool farmer & fading actress
"Passion's Fool" Love Journal 12, Feb/52
Monte Hale the stolen sixgun
"The Stolen Six-Gun" MH Western 75, Aug/52
Ibis peril from the pyramids
"Peril from the Pyramids" Whiz 146, June/52
Captain Marvel Jr. Freddy Freeman's lost weekend
"CMJ and Freddy Freeman's Lost Week End" CMJ 108, Apr/52

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