Friday, May 3, 2013

George Ziel's Two Comic Book Covers

George Ziel was a cover artist for the paperbacks; by the early Seventies the genre he was called upon most often to illustrate was Gothic romance.

He painted the covers of DC's first Gothic comic book, Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 1 (Sept-Oct/71), and one more, Sinister House of Secret Love 3 (Feb-Mar/72).

Dark Mansion 1 and Sinister House 3 covers
Lynn Monroe's Ziel checklist includes those comic book covers, as well as the Paperback Library cover (The House of Terror, as it happens) with the same figure of the candle-holding woman used on Sinister House 3.


  1. Martin,

    Nice to finally learn the identity of the cover artist, and it makes sense that he worked for Paperback Library, which was a part of Warner and was later renamed Warner Books.

  2. Nick, I imagine Sixties Dell comics were calling on Dell paperbacks for some of their cover painters, too; I know some have been attributed to Vic Prezio, and I see one signed by Jack Faragasso and one by Harry Schaare.