Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Woolfolk Records Update 5

Captain Marvel Advs 68 cover
This Captain Marvel story was easy enough to track down—the problem was that I missed posting it to begin with. Three Cap stories in a row in the notebook looked like two, I guess, until I happened to look at the scan again much later and didn't remember dealing with this story.

I haven't seen the issue, but this seems the only place where the Moon Girl story could fit. International Comics didn't even occur to me as a Moon Girl venue when I posted; this was her only appearance in the title.

Readers helped find two of these: darkmark tracked down the Captain Midnight story after I posted it as unknown. SangorShop found the conspiracy of Pontiac story very shortly after I posted; it was reworked to 12 pages in publication, from 15 in script form.

The companies are Fawcett, EC, and Orbit.

May 1945
8 pg  Captain Midnight tunnel of terror
    "Tunnel of Terror" Capt Mid 39, Apr/46
November 1945
Captain Marvel visits Balt. & boy violin prodigy
    "CM Visits Baltimore" CM Advs 68, Dec/46
August 1947
Moon Girl man lives beyond death
    "Beauty and the Beast" International 6, Spr/48
January 1948
15  Western Outlaw conspiracy of Pontiac
12    "The Fighting Westerner" The Westerner 15, Aug/48

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