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Woolfolk Records 1948/07

Wanted 17 cover: Heber Ayers
Quality, Fawcett, and Orbit are the publishers, as usual. William Woolfolk is assigned Lance O'Casey scripts in fits and starts; the last time he submitted some was in August 1946.

Woolfolk usually notes text pieces as "fiction"; the Wanted "feature" is a short comics story.

July 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

11 pg  Doll Man man can open any lock
    "Tom Thumb, Miniature Master of Menace" DM 22, May/49
Lance O'Casey pygmy king who hates pygmies
  "LO'C Meets Longo of the Congo" Whiz 105, Dec/48
Captain Marvel Jr. the singing donkey
    "The Singing Donkey" CMJ 71, Mar/49
Lance O'Casey the festival of pirates
    "LO'C and the Pirate's Festival" Whiz 109, May/49
11  Blackhawk the sunken atoll
    "Kauno . . . Atoll of Mystery" BH 26, Aug/49
11  Doll Man meets the Minstrel
    "The Minstrel" DM 23, July/49
Monte Hale under a peace bond
    "MH and His Peace Bond" Western Hero 76, Mar/49
15  The Shotgun Kid "The Shotgun Kid" Wanted 17, Jan/49
11  Kid Eternity Master Man with similar powers to Kid E
    "Master Man" KE 15, May/49
Wanted feature "Wanted: Heber Ayers" Wanted 17, Jan/49
Captain Marvel the hypochondria epidemic
    "The Phantom Plague" CM Advs 94, Mar/49
11  Plastic Man last man on Earth
    "The Last Man on Earth" PM 17, May/49

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