Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1948/02

Hit 55 cover--The BruteThe publisher roll call this month: Fawcett, Quality, and Timely.

As usual, some Timely stories were published longer than William Woolfolk recorded the submissions in his notebook—the information in bold, such as those new page counts, forms my additions to the records.

My Tom Mix story identification is an educated guess from seeing the issue indexed, but not seeing the issue itself. UPDATE: It wasn't "The Tale of the Lonesome Cowboy" in Tom Mix 9, as I'd thought possible--it's this one. Now that I've seen "Bullets Can't Spell," I can see that the blurb uses the phrase "tale of the desert rats."

Speaking of descriptions vs. published titles, I had to flip through a number of Timely stories in this timeframe to track down all four of this month's; the Arizona Annie was the only one where the editors' title came anywhere near the notebook description.

February 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg  Captain Marvel meets Fear
"CM Faces Fear" CM Advs 89, Oct/48
13  Kid Eternity meets the Brute
"The Brute" Hit 55, Nov/48
Captain Marvel Neptune's freak show
"Neptune's Freak Show" Marvel Family 27, Sept/48
Human Torch man framed for murder, escapes
"Double-Cross in Death" HT 32, Sept/48
Ibis legion of walking dead
"The Legion of the Walking Dead" Whiz 102, Dec/48
Sub-Mariner Houseboat Row
6  "My Son Is a Thief" Captain America 68, Sept/48
15  Plastic Man Lucky Seven
"Lucky Seven" Police 84, Nov/48
Captain Marvel Jr. horse that can't be ridden
"The World's Greatest Horse" Master 96, Oct/48
Arizona Annie the "lady" outlaws
6  "Annie Rides the Owl Hoot Trail" Wild Western 3, Sept/48
Captain Marvel hero's melancholia
"CM's Melancholia" CM Advs 89, Oct/48
12  Plastic Man criminal who uses words
"Words" PM 14, Nov/48
Human Torch old time gangster returns
"Bargain of Death" Captain America 69, Nov/48
Woozy becomes a walking atomic bomb
[untitled Woozy story] PM 14, Nov/48
Tom Mix desert rat's story
"Bullets Can't Spell" Real Western Hero 71, Oct/48

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