Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1947/12

Two-Gun Kid 2 cover

Quality, Fawcett, Timely, and EC bought William Woolfolk's comics stories this month.

Note that the Two-Gun Kid scripts were expanded by a page apiece for publication. The four Moon Girl pages in a story published at twelve must have been Woolfolk's beginning or finishing someone else's (most likely Gardner Fox's) script.

Woolfolk recorded two Christmas bonuses this month, showing how valuable a couple of companies (not named) considered a superior freelancer.

December 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

14 pg Kid EternityKeeper's evil twin brother
[untitled 3rd KE story] KE 11, Sept/48
Ibisthe forbidden pool
"The Forbidden Pool" Whiz 100, Aug/48
Captain Marvelthe volcano men
"The Volcano Men" Marvel Family 26, Aug/48
Tom Mixstagecoach ride
"Death Rides the Stagecoach" Wow 69, Aug/48
Captain Marvelthe iron horse
"The Wonderful Iron Horse" CM Advs 87, Aug/48
14 Doll Manversus Stunt Man
"Stunt Man" DM 18, Sept/48
11 Doll Manversus Gloves, hand of death
"Gloves" DM 18, Sept/48
Two-Gun Kidvanishing railroad
5 "The Train That Wasn't There" TGK 2, June/48
Two-Gun Kidoutlaw city
7 "Trapped in Outlaw City" TGK 2, June/48
Captain Marvelthe stolen city
"The Stolen City" CM Advs 87, Aug/48
11 Captain Marvel Jr.meets the outlaw
"CMJ Duels with the Outlaw" CMJ 64, Aug/48
12 Plastic ManMr. Hazard, crime gambler
"Mr. Hazard" PM 13, Sept/48
Tex Taylorgirl ranch owner
"Blazing Six-Shooters and the Thundering Herd" Wild West 2, July/48
Moon Girlmost daring man in the world
12 "The Most Daring Man in the World" MG 2, Win/47-48

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