Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1947/10

Crack 56 cover
Back to the William Woolfolk records—Marc Svensson, who scanned the pages of Woolfolk's sales notebook thanks to Donna Woolfolk, has consolidated his scans, and so now I can fill in the years that I had skipped, from the late '40s and early '50s. Click the Woolfolk Records label below to see all the previous entries.

Fawcett, Quality, and Timely were the writer's publishers this month. The true crime story I can't track down was paid at the same rate as the Human Torch stories, so might be in a Timely comic.

Bold indicates my additions (Woolfolk didn't enter the publication data of the stories, which is our interest now). Possibly the Timely editors saw the writing on the wall (by 1949 they'd stop publishing the superheroes) and started adjusting scripts to fit any upcoming slots—not only cutting script pages but reworking characters into others. Woolfolk wrote the additional 3 pages of the Kid Eternity script next month.

October 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg True Crimeseeress of murder
Ibisglacier man
"The Glacier Man" Whiz 98, June/48
Swing Sissonmaestro of murder
"The Maestro of Murder" Feature 125, Aug/48
15 Captain Triumphgossip columnist
"Gossip Leads to Murder" Crack 56, Aug/48
12 Human Torchyoung prize-fighter
Marvel Familyfamily of the future
"The Family of the Future" MF 24, June/48
11 Kid Eternityhole in the sky
14 "The Hole in the Sky" KE 10, July/48
12 Human Torchgossip columnist
8 as Sub-Mariner"Terror of the Tattler" Blonde Phantom 18, July/48
Captain Marveltime kidnappers
"The Kidnappers" Whiz 98, June/48
Tom Mixthe fighting schoolmarm
"The Fighting Schoolmarm" Wow 67, June/48
12 Human Torchmeets the Gambler
10 "He Gambled on Death" HT 31, July/48
11 Plastic Manmeets the Riverman
"Riverman" PM 12, July/48
10 Human Torchthe Gay Blade
"Gay Blade of Terror" All Winners 1, Aug/48


  1. Wonder if that "young prize-fighter" story could have been converted into the 8-page Captain America story, "The Singer Who Wanted to Fight", in CAPTAIN AMERICA #67 (July 1948)?

  2. I didn't consider that story, but now that I have looked at it, I don't think so; the climax of the hero getting into the ring for the young man seems like the springboard for a Cap story to begin with, not a sequence substituted for the Torch's flame powers.