Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gil Kane and a Tiny Titan--1948

Doll Man 19 page: The Noose, henchmen, fake Darrel Dane, Doll Man

I'm told it's not news that Gil Kane drew Doll Man, over a decade before he drew the Atom. But I'll say, as I've said about others in earlier posts, that I haven't seen his credit on the Internet for a particular story, in this case "The Noose" in Doll Man 19 (Nov/48). The scripter is William Woolfolk.

In articles about the creation of the Atom, I've seen Doll Man mentioned as an inspiration, but the interviews I've seen haven't mentioned that Kane once drew the character. (So far I haven't run across a second time.)

It looks like the Doll Man figures have been heavily inked or even redrawn to bring them more closely into line with the Quality house style. Think of Jack Kirby's Superman and Olsen faces "corrected" by publisher's decree in his first issues of Jimmy Olsen; Kirby is still credited as penciller. The above page is where Kane's work shows through on most of the figures; on other pages Doll Man is not the only one unrecognizable as being by Kane. The Noose himself is almost always very obviously Kane's.

DM 19 panel: Doll Man and The Noose

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