Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doll Man Writers 1952-53

Doll Man 44 cover: Radioactive Man

Doll Man comes to the end of his run embracing the horror boom of the early Fifties.

These attributions to William Woolfolk come from my seeing his style in the scripting; I haven't seen the pages of his notebook that, if I'm correct, record these stories.

"Q" is a writer I can't name, who wrote quite a lot for Quality in the Fifties: war, horror, some Robin Hood, some Daniel Boone; not to mention Blackhawk just before DC took over the title. UPDATE: I'm replacing the letter with the writer's name, now that I've figured out who he is: Robert Bernstein.

As for IDing the artists on these stories, I'm throwing my hands in the air and walking away.

Doll Man Writers 1952-53

Feb/52#38 The Druid DeathWilliam Woolfolk
House of VampiresWoolfolk
Doll Man and the Voodoo MasterWoolfolk
Apr/    #39 The Death DrugWoolfolk
The Sinister SafariWoolfolk
Ticket of TerrorWoolfolk
June/    #40 Doll Man and the Giants of CrimeWoolfolk
The Mysterious Mr. MagnetWoolfolk
The Bleeding StatueWoolfolk
Aug/    #41 The Headless HorsemanWoolfolk
Darrel Dane's BodyguardWoolfolk
The Beast ManWoolfolk
Oct/    #42 The Mind-MonsterWoolfolk
The Spectre in SteelWoolfolk
Diary of DeathWoolfolk
Dec/    #43 The Thing That KilledWoolfolk
The Emerald Eye of EvilWoolfolk
Satan's SculptorWoolfolk
Feb/53#44 Radioactive ManWoolfolk
The Raiser of the DeadRobert Bernstein
Wanted: Darrel DaneBernstein
Apr/    #45  The Man with the Iron FaceWoolfolk
The Killers from X-T-B-2Woolfolk
The Doom BoxJoe Millard
June/    #46 The Monster from TomorrowMillard
Flame of EvilMillard
The Killer HawksMillard
Oct/    #47 Midget of MurderDick Wood
The Mad HypnotistWood
Crime's Mr. MagicWood


  1. I'm wondering if Marilyn Mercer could be scripter of some of these stories. Check out the Dr. Drew stories by the Eisner shop in RANGERS COMICS and see if there are any points of comparison.

  2. My barely-possible candidate for "Q" at this point is another writer not associated with Quality: Carl Memling. There are points of comparison with his Sixties stuff, but not enough to convince me yet. I repeat: barely-possible.

    And I hate to think of the number of writers at Quality that we don't know even worked in comics at all. That novelists Burt Hirschfeld and Bernhardt J. Hurwood wrote for new Dell is something I found only from an old Publisher's Weekly and a website; I couldn't have IDed the Dracula movie tie-in (Hurwood) in a million years, and I still have no idea what comics Hirschfeld wrote. I suspect more novelists at Dell in the early Sixties; I wonder how many never-to-be-known writers Quality or any other company might have used.