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With Gold Key's comic of the spin-off UNCLE series, and the back-ups, there are no surprises among the writers.

I can see Bill Lignante's art on Girl from UNCLE 3-5, but I don't see the same art as on the Phantom. Since Sparky Moore says he ghost-pencilled for Lignante, on at least some of the Phantom and on Secret Agent 1, those don't make a good example of full art by Lignante. On these panels from Girl 3 I wonder if I see Mike Peppe inks—for want of a better guess—on at least some faces.

April Dancer and Mark Slate on right of first panel

Girl from UNCLE Written by Paul S. Newman

Oct/66#1 The Fatal Accidents Affaira: Alden McWilliams
Apr/67#2 The Kid Commandos' Capera: McWilliams
June/67#3 The Captain Kidd Affaira?: Bill Lignante
Aug/67#4 The One-Way Tourist Affaira?: Lignante
Oct/67#5 The Harem-Scarem Affaira?: Lignante

Leopold Swift—Courier in Girl from UNCLE Written by Newman

Oct/67#5 Bubble-Troublea: Joe Certa

Jet Dream and Her Stunt Girl Counterspies in Man from UNCLE
Written by Dick Wood

July/66#7 The Spy in the Skyp: Mike Sekowsky  i: Mike Peppe
Sept/66#8 The Spider and the Spyp: Sekowsky  i: Peppe
Nov/66#9 The Super-Tiger of Targanp: Sekowsky  i: Peppe
Jan/67#10 Ting-a-Ling—Enemy Agentp: Sekowsky  i: ?
Mar/67#11 Death Plungea: Jack Sparling
May/67#12 The Powder-Puff Derby Capera: Certa
July/67#13 The Achilles Heelp: Sekowsky  i: Peppe
Sept/67#14 Splash-Down to Deatha: Certa
Nov/67#15 The Set-Up Sultana: Certa
Jan/68#16 Day of Infamya: Certa
Mar/68#17 The Farmer Brown Fiascoa: Certa
May/68#18 The Captive Jeta: Certa
July/68#19 Fall to Freedoma: Certa
Oct/68#20 Menace of the Feathered Warrriorsa: Certa
Apr/69#22 The Demon Dogfighta: Certa

Jet Dream Written by Wood

June/68#1 D-Day for the Generalissimoa: Certa

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